Empower your teams to thrive at scale.

TeamForm helps fast growing and large organisations understand their people & work data through the lens of teams.

Explore your network of teams

Bring your cross-functional organisation to life, enabling efficient collaboration and visibility of where work happens.
Employee Experience

Unlock productivity by helping your people find and build relevant connections and understand their network.

Team First

Look at your organisation through the lens of teams, rather than just the people they work for.

See how your teams are formed and take action to improve the flow of work

Get real team insights to create and support an environment of continuous improvement and learning. Our platform has been developed to help you take action on insights and measure the effectiveness of changes and experiments.
Codify your operating model & team of teams structure

Create a variety of operating model benchmarks to map against your teams to aid in optimising for efficiency and productivity.

Track metrics over time

Measure how your teams are doing over time by comparing various metrics and how they are affected by changing your teams structure.

Bring the work to the teams

Enable flexible movement of your people between teams, and clear alignment of teams to work to provide transparency of supply & demand constraints.
Enable flexible movement of people

Easily move and track people in the organisation to best align people to the work and company objectives.

Dynamic supply & demand marketplace for organisations operating at scale

Help inform supply and fulfil demand of people based on clearly expressed needs, such as skills, capacity, proficiency, location.

Data-driven org and team formation

Rapidly and continuously improve.
Drive change at scale

Looking at the big picture can sometimes be difficult and confusing, alleviate this with easily rolled up summaries and statistics that help inform how and where to make positive changes.

Make informed decisions based on real data

Compare how changes made affect your teams, constantly iterate to move further towards better practices.

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Better Together

Super-charge your teamwork today.