Are your teams working as well as they could be?

TeamForm helps leaders to plan, build and manage cross-functional teams to improve work outcomes and reduce costs.

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The reality of overseeing traditional organisational teamwork is uninformed and inefficient.
To be successful, leaders from all areas of an organisation need answers to the same questions:

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Are the right people solving the right problems?
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What’s the cost of delivering this work?
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Which teams are most relied upon?
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Which skills are most in demand?
How can we free-up funds?

Enter TeamForm: the only platform that ties project, workforce, and cost management to organisational objectives in one place.

One platform. Many integrations.

Benefit from one product that uniquely combines powerful features from HR, workforce management and project planning tools to gain better visibility of your organisation’s teams and objectives as a whole. Plus, use TeamForm alongside other systems with easy integrations.

Bring people and plans together

Ensure the right people and teams are working on the right work. By starting with the organisational goals or outcomes, TeamForm allows you to bring people into new teams and initiatives for greater success and cost savings.

Transform your teams and work in new ways

Leverage new ways of working and empower your people as your organisation grows. TeamForm helps leaders to significantly reduce the time, cost and energy of organisational transformation through better visibility and collaboration.

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Super-charge your teamwork today.