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Insights into Business Agility

Emerging from the pandemic, the data is clear: agile organisations are more resilient, adaptable and experience greater commercial and organisational benefits.

The 2021 Business Agility Report - rising to the challenge

With a preface from Jonathan Smart (leading business agility thought-leader and author of acclaimed book Sooner, Saver, Happier), discover how organisations with higher business agility faired better to pandemic-related challenges, the key areas and best practices to focus on, what organisational benefits to expect and when they will be realised and, critically, the challenges and pitfalls to be aware of.

TeamForm is proud to support the Business Agility Institute and the broader agility, transformation and change community. Our consultants are independent co-contributors to the report.

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Statistical analysis and methods

TeamForm respects the importance of backing claims with the data and scientific rigour expected of the field. TeamForm partners with The NeuroTech Institute to the provide independent in-depth statistical data analyses for the Business Agility Report.
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