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Insights into Business Agility

2023 was a difficult year for many businesses as we saw the first reduction in business agility maturity score since 2018. Learn why investing in business agility continues to be valuable and what you can do to improve your organisation's business agility.

The 2023 Business Agility Report - leading through uncertainty

TeamForm is pleased to announce that the Business Agility Institute's 2023 Business Agility Report is now available. A great resource for practitioners and others with a thirst for data showing that the effort to improve ways of working delivers value. The answer is a resounding yes. Business Agility is good for customers, good for employees, and good for the bottom line.

Special thanks to all our collaborators, the people who took the time to answer the survey, Evan Leybourn and the Business Agility Institute, Sally Elatta and the team at AgilityHealth, and the data analysis and review team at TeamForm!

TeamForm is proud to support the Business Agility Institute and the broader agility, transformation and change community. Our consultants are independent co-contributors to the report.

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Statistical analysis and methods

TeamForm respects the importance of backing claims with the data and scientific rigour expected of the field. TeamForm partners with The NeuroTech Institute to the provide independent in-depth statistical data analyses for the Business Agility Report.
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