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The platform to empower teams at scale to do their best work

Evolve a strategic operating plan, observe its execution and continuous improvement in real-time, supporting the people and teams that do the work.

Team Foundation

See your organisation

Business leaders who manage teams in fast-paced or growing organisations understand the challenges of building effective teams. TeamForm Team Foundation supports leaders to see their people and teams whilst better understanding the skills and capabilities required to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • View people, teams and leaders in seconds using our powerful search function.
  • Perform organisational health checks, team performance and identify bottlenecks.
  • See historical activities and completed work by people and their teams.
  • Overlay new organisational structures and operating models against current ones to measure impacts and success.
  • Seamlessly integrate TeamForm with other enterprise systems to create a single source of information.
Organisational Chart App
Digital Organisational Chart App
Team Directory

Find your people, fast

Say goodbye to one-dimensional organisational charts in MS PowerPoint and hello to online cross-functional directory search. TeamForm Team Directory function allows all employees, teams, and leaders to rapidly find and discover information about each other and the organisation, right up the hierarchy.
  • Search for people, teams, business units and skills in seconds to locate the right resources.
  • Personalise your team pages with a mission and purpose to showcase your team values to others.
  • Crowdsource information and make suggestions and updates to ensure that organisational information is always current.
Team Planning

Share talent for smarter planning

Match the right work with the right people quickly and easily with TeamForm Team Planning. Think of this as a supply and demand skills marketplace where leaders can request capability when they need it, promoting talent mobility and allowing people to grow and take on new challenges.
  • Search and request roles or skills from line managers to support your team’s objectives.
  • Support routine reviews and planning cycles by rebalancing your team through a coordinated process.
  • Promote internal growth opportunities to engage and retain your workforce.
  • Assign teams to organisational objectives and key performance indicators.
  • Forecast your anticipated resourcing needs to facilitate training and recruitment.
Agile Team Management
Project Planning app
Team Management

Power projects and plans with people

Having used the Team Planning function to identify capability needs and skills shortages, TeamForm Team Management puts your plans in motion.
  • Place people into teams or against your project or initiative.
  • Accommodate different team types including cross-functional, capability, service, and flow-to-work pools.
  • Provide for new positions, part-time allocations, and virtual hat roles.
  • Visually bring your team plan and project to life in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

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