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The platform to empower teams at scale to do their best work

Evolve a strategic operating plan, observe its execution and continuous improvement in real-time, supporting the people and teams that do the work.

Real-time visualisations with a multi-dimensional lens.

Perform organisational health checks, baseline team performance and identify bottlenecks.

Overlay operating model and organisational ways of working principles, measure alignment to design principles and transformation goals.

No more managing org charts in PowerPoint.

Individuals can nominate the teams they belong to and update their skills profile.

Leaders can see their teams, where they draw from or supply to, set their public team purpose and export their team canvas.

Match work to people quickly and easily.

TeamForm provides an internal capability marketplace, matching demand (of work) to supply (of people), enabling free movement of capability - effective, retain IP and promote internal growth.

TeamForm's smart forecasting draws from current need and forward-estimates over a 12-month horizon, underpinning training, recruitment and future investment needs.

Management features that cater to your organisation's needs.

Team Management's tools accommodate flexible planning cycles (both ad-hoc and fixed), placeholders for as-yet unfulfilled positions, part-allocation, 'virtual/hatted' roles, and skills, capability and product experience.

Understand your team's performance.

Leveraging modern metrics such as 'Change Lead Time’, ‘Cycle Time’ and ‘Change Failure Rate’, teams can focus on their flow of work and understand their value stream: how long it takes to get an idea from conception to the hands of a customer and what is constraining them.

Leaders can remedy systemic constraints that are inhibiting delivery and slowing the organisation down.